‘Urbanoids’, Budapest, Krassimir Krastev and Fabiano Friedrich, Dessau Institute of Architecture, Germany, 2005

Instructor: Neil Leach

Semi-Finalist in FEIDAD International Digital Design Competition, 2006


Two interconnected computer programs were here developed in order to explore the possibilities of re-establishing the unique character of an inner-city site in Budapest: a pedestrian movement simulation and a genetic algorithm. Guided by basic artificial intelligence, computer-simulated characters explore the site looking for targets. The paths created are recorded and evaluated according to their intensity of use. The busiest pathways become attractors for new retail spaces. A genetic algorithm is utilised to generate the distribution of these retail spaces. Their new distribution at ground-floor level means new attractors for pedestrians. Optimal profiles for the buildings are bred based on space syntax logic of visibilities and sun-path diagrams. Published in Neil Leach (ed.), Digital Cities, London: Wiley, 2009 ; Neil Leach and Xu Wei-Guo (eds.), Emerging Talents, Emerging Technologies: Students Work, Beijing: China Architecture and Planning Press, 2006






































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