‘Digital Favelas’

‘Digital Favelas’, Guillherme Ressel, Dessau Institute of Architecture

Instructors: Neil Leach, Krassimir Krastev

Semi-Finalist in FEIDAD International Digital Design Competition, 2006


This project is scripted using a formal vocabulary derived from the logic of actual favelas from Brazil to generate a pattern of spontaneous urban growth which progressively colonises the landscape. A range of possible architectural solutions is placed on the available terrain based on algorithms that evaluate the topography and existing amenities in the surrounding area. During this process the design is tested continuously by artificial intelligence that simulates pedestrian movements generating a self-organising process of urban landscape formation. Published in Neil Leach (ed.), Digital Cities, London: Wiley, 2009; Neil Leach and Xu Wei-Guo (eds.), Emerging Talents, Emerging Technologies: Students Work, Beijing: China Architecture and Planning Press, 2006
































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