The Anaesthetics of Architecture

Neil Leach, The Anaesthetics of Architecture, Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1999, 101 pp. Reprinted 2000, ISBN 0-262-62126-6


This monograph addresses the growing preoccupation with images and image making within contemporary architectural culture. By drawing upon the ideas of prominent cultural theorists and philosophers, such as Walter Benjamin and Jean Baudrillard, it offers a polemical critique of the consequences of this preoccupation.




















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b. La An-estética de la Arquitectura, Spanish translation, Barcelona: G Gili, 2001, ISBN 84-252-1820-9 (Spanish translation)



















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d. A Anestética da Arquitectura, Portuguese translation, Lisbon: Antigona, 2005, ISBN 972-608-180-7 (Portuguese translation)


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